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Safe2GO Dual Kit – TSA Approved - $122.99

Get protection on the go for you and a friend with the Dual Sanotizer™️ Kit.   Body Serum and Body Shield Spray are antimicrobials effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold which can replace traditional hand sanitizers. In addition, the Face Mist Spray, which is a cosmetic quality version is useful for faces that use makeup or medicine.  You will also receive a larger 8 oz container of each of the Body Shield Spray and Body Serum.  With no alcohol, no scent, and no irritation – it’s safe to use on your face, hands and even on your hair.  You can also spray on surfaces around you like a tray table on an airplane, seat and handrails on trains or buses for an added layer of protection, in convenient TSA-approved sizes and for home.

Social Distancing International Marketing Software -  $19.99 AP

Social Distancing International Marketing Platform is a marketing automation platform that combines your CRM

with email marketing, social media marketing, lead tracking, and other marketing tools that attract, track, and optimize

your interactions with your audience.


Two (2) – Body Serum - 3 oz.             (TSA Approved Package Size of 3 oz.)

Two (2) – Body Shield Spray - 3 oz.

Two (2) – Face Mist Spray – 3 oz.

One (1) – Body Serum - 8 oz. 

One (1) – Body Shield Spray - 8 oz.


The Estimated Delivery Date is April 2021. The date of shipment and delivery of any Pre-Order is an estimate — not a guarantee to fulfill by that date. The schedule may change but we will provide updates, if there are any changes. You can request a Refund on your Pre-Order, if we do not deliver the products after the estimated time (and no update notice was provided) has elapsed but not after final shipping has been initiated.

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